Lei Foo Jewelry underpins the design philosophy of personal jewelry - it encourages modern woman to be unique and adventurous with a large range of combinations with in few pieces of jewelry. The essence is to create synergies between the aesthetic balance and playful shapes - an atmosphere of the upbeat, yet timeless jewelry.

The designs reflect the Scandinavian heritage of good quality with a minimalistic and feminine expression that brings forward the courageous and beautiful personality of todays’ women.



The Lei Foo Jewelry concept stays true to the craft of jewelry making as all pieces are made in precious metals and stones and produced in Denmark. Lei began working with jewelry design at Escola Massana, the school of art, in Barcelona. Afterwards she has educating in Goldsmith craftsmanship and worked for several renowned jewelry artists.

As a result of Lei’s Asian roots and her job as a DJ she has traveled the world and been on countless urban scenes.  It is here in the urban the inspiration is found.



MoodMusic asked Lei Foo to make a jewlery inspired by Eric Lau & Tawiah The video shows the process and the mood around making the jewlery. A big Thanks to Lei Foo Jewlery and to Eric Lau & Tawiah for letting use their music.